Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic bags are a valuable tool for both men and women who require a safe, secure storage item for make-up products, personal hygiene accessories and other small grooming items. These items are indispensable for tourists and long-distance commuters and are equally in-demand for individuals who are seeking an all-purpose bag to carry their personal items.

Belmarel’s catalogue of cosmetic bags has been designed to ensure that customers have an extensive array of both pre-fabricated and bespoke products at their disposal. If you don’t see the bag you are looking for, we can craft a customised product that matches your particular design preferences, including the addition of your desired logo or branding image. If you have any further questions about our cosmetic bags, contact us today! Our team of expert support staff are available to assist you with any questions you may have, as well as with the customisation and ordering process. Let us help you find the perfect cosmetic bag for your business or organisation!

Bag Models

Bag Code Description
 cosmetic bags  Cosmetic Bag (Model 86)  Material:DEN 250
Sample 52 Sample 52
Sample 53 Sample 53
Sample 54 Sample 54
Sample 55 Sample 55
Sample 56 Sample 56
Sample 57 Sample 57
Sample 58 Sample 58
Sample 59 Sample 59
Sample 60 Sample 60
Sample 61 Sample 61

Want to customise your own manufactured bag?

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