Sports Bags

Everyone enjoys a fun day of recreation with their friends and family, and our sports bags are the perfect addition to your active lifestyle! If you need a portable storage solution for gym clothes, sports gear, shoes or a variety of other sporting goods, Belmarel’s sports bags are the perfect solution. Featuring convenient carrying straps and a durable design, these products are built to last! We can also customise your preferred sports bag in order to match your preferred branding platform or aesthetic style. Our high-quality products have helped us develop a reputation as a leading sports bag manufacturer. Bulk pricing options are available for customers interested in purchasing a large number of sports bags. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions about our sports bags. If you are interested in modifying one of our basic designs, we are more than happy to help you craft a bag that perfectly matches your expectations.

Bag Models

Bag Code Description
sports bag Model 76 Material: DEN 600 / Size: 48 x 20 cm
sports bag Model 101 Material: DEN 600 / Size: 70 x 31 cm
sports bag Model 112 Material: DEN 600 / Size: 45 x 32 cm
sports bag Model 185 Material: DEN 600 / Size: 60 x 32 cm
Sample 10 Sample 10
Sample 11 Sample 11
Sample 12 Sample 12
Sample 13 Sample 13
Sample 14 Sample 14
Sample 15 Sample 15
Sample 16 Sample 16

Want to customise your own manufactured bag?

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