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Welcome to Belmarel!

Bag Manufacturer Company

Are you looking for bags or custom bags? We are here to help you!

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A Leader Among Bag Manufacturers in Europe

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Belmarel has developed an impressive reputation for producing high quality custom bags and promotional bags that exceed the highest expectations. Widely considered a premier bag manufacturer in Europe, Belmarel’s products feature outstanding durability and design and are produced exclusively within the EU. Belmarel’s extensive catalogue of bags provides customers with a wide array of options. Browse our collection of products using the menu above. [/column]

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  • Professional and affordable promotional bag manufacturer
  • Bags can be customised to match your specific business needs
  • Bulk bag manufacturers pricing available for clients placing larger orders
  • Bags available for both personal and professional use
  • All bags are manufactured within the EU

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Private Brand Labeling

Most customers choose to adapt our bags using their own brand labeling. Thanks to our private brand packing services, your bags, labels and packaging will all be printed with your preferred branding.

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Organisational Bags

We print bags for use within businesses or organisations that can be customised with unique logos, text and designs. Contact us to discuss your company’s project.

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Customised Designs

In addition to our own products, we also offer custom bag manufacturing for clients with specific requirements, including unique designs, colors, materials, sizes and logos.


Our customers save money and get higher quality bags

And there are many more great reasons to use Belmarel as your custom bag supplier

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Our Core Products

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[column col=”1/3″]Belmarel Travel Bag Model 167

Travel Bags

We manufacture travel bags that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as storing coolers, laptops and sports equipment. Have an idea for a travel bag that we haven’t thought of yet? We’ll be happy to create a new bag with you!

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[column col=”1/3″]Belmarel Carrier Bag Model Plasa TNT

Carrier Bags

These products are perfect for businesses that sell or distribute small products and are looking for the perfect branding tool to store them for their customers! Our collection of carrier bags includes canvas bags and tote bags.

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[column col=”1/3″ last=”true”]Belmarel Backpack Model m.170


For students and professionals who need an excellent storage option while they are “on the go”, backpacks are a great choice! We offer several types of backpacks, including courier bags, school bag backpacks and drawstring backpacks.

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How to Order Custom Bags: You can order one of our basic designs or request a bag tailored to your specific needs. We produce popular designs for promotional bags and bulk order bags that can all be customised and manufactured for your business or organization to use internally or for resale. We encourage you to browse through our complete collection!
Contact Us to tell us your specific needs and we’ll respond with a price quote right away.


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“A high quality, excellent value bag manufacturer.”

I am very happy with my experience working with Belmarel. They always provide excellent service and support, working closely with my business throughout the process of creating a sample to producing the final design. They tailor orders to suit my needs, and the cost of production and delivery are always great value. The products in the final order are finished to a high quality and I would certainly recommend them to anyone seeking a high quality, excellent value bag manufacturer in Europe.

Matthew M

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Want to discuss your next project?

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