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January 09, 2021

The Bank shall have the absolute discretion to approve or reject your enrollment application with or without reason thereof and without the need of notification in case of rejection. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage of whatever nature in connection with the implementation of transactions coursed through the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services in the following instances: The Bank shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential loss, loss of profit or damage you may suffer or have suffered by reason of your use or failure or inability to use the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services. 11th and 20th floors, San Miguel Properties Centre, 7 St. Francis Avenue, Mandaluyong City 2. We may from time to time upon giving you Notice, introduce or change fees and charges for your use of BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services. Like a regular BDO ATM Card, you can also inquire your account balance (balance inquiry) of your BDO Cash Card online. Right after logging in, the BDO Online Banking homepage shows all your enrolled accounts along with your current balance and available balance. The Cardholder shall pay the bill/s due directly to the utility/service provider only in case BDO Credit Cards has rejected the payment transaction as notified by BDO Credit Cards to the Cardholder. Jesa 08/04/2019. Update Contact Information. In such an event, your card will be permanently block and a card replacement fee will be charged to your account, if applicable. No service fees or transaction charges to ATM cardholders for BALANCE INQUIRY. The installment interest rate is determined by BDO and subject to change in accordance with the prevailing market rates for similar transactions and terms. In case of approval of the enrollment application, you will be notified accordingly. #credit-card-promos.promos-main-category a { padding: 10px; margin-right: 1px; } The first thing to do is to go to the official website of BDO (Banco De Oro) which is www.bdo.com.ph. Like a regular BDO ATM Card, you can also inquire your account balance (balance inquiry) of your BDO Cash Card online. For concerns, please go to your branch of account or call our Customer Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000. Bank Accounts. Disruption, failure or delay relating to or in connection with the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services which are due to circumstances beyond the control of the Bank, fortuitous events such as but not limited to prolonged power outages, breakdown in computers and communication facilities, typhoons, floods, public disturbances and calamities and other similar or related cases. Go to www.bdo.com.ph and click Online Banking Login. Click an icon to find out more. Reply. How to Transfer Metrobank Credit Card Balance. Filed Under: Banking and Investments Tagged With: bdo balance inquiry, bdo check balance, bdo internet banking, BDO online, BDO online banking, check bdo balance online. BDO Insurance Brokers, Inc. Leasing; Investment Banking Securities; BDO Nomura; BDO Life ; BDO Foundation Aside from balance inquiry, you can do many useful banking transactions such as: Fund Transfer (transfer money to your other account) ... (callcenter@bdo.com.ph), for questions or errors about online transactions/services; or. This is your total outstanding obligation to BDO as of Statement Date. Click here now. These Terms and Conditions form the contract between you as a customer and BDO as the provider of these services. Just follow this simple step. The first thing to do is to go to the official website of BDO (Banco De Oro) which is www.bdo.com.ph. Only the enrolled BDO Card holders (the”Cardholder”) shall be entitled to use the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services but shall be responsible for keeping the details provided by BDO confidential. The Bank shall charge to the enrolled BDO Credit Card account the amount due as indicated in the utility/service provider’s statement of account with the exclusion of other charges not included therein. If at any time there are insufficient available balance in your credit card accounts to cover fees and charges, we may refuse to carry out your inquiries or transactions without incurring any liability as a result of such refusal or we are authorized to overdraw your account by debiting fees and charges or debit any other account you hold with us. Recent Posts. Click “Send Money”; you can find the option at the bottom for the mobile app and on the left-hand side of your dashboard for the online banking account. A confirmation screen for the subscription will be displayed. Only Principal Cardholders are qualified to enroll in the Homebills Auto Charge Facility of BDO Credit Card and must be in active status prior to enrollment. How to Use: 1. Balances for selected enrolled accounts can now be viewed quickly and conveniently anytime, anywhere! The Cardholder acknowledges liability to BDO for any Cash/Retail Transaction Conversion request that has been implemented and the amount of Cash/Retail Transaction Conversion together with interest and penalty charges. Monthly installments due on the Cash/Retail Transaction Conversion together with monthly interest and penalty charge, if any, shall be billed to the Cardholder and shall commence on the Cardholder’s next statement date and every month thereafter until the total amount payable is paid in full. BDO shall charge to the relevant BDO Credit Card account number the amount due as requested by the cardholder with the exclusion of other charges not included therein. However, we do not guarantee reversal of your transaction that has been completely consummated and is irreversible. By using the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services, you have accepted and agreed to be bound by any and all laws, rules, regulations and official issuances applicable to BDO Website. BDO account balance inquiry . My saving account no..... How can i check my balance inquiry in bdo using internet? It shall be understood that access to and use of the BDO Credit Card Electronic Banking Services shall be subject to applicable requirements and procedures of government telecommunications or other regulatory authorities and those prescribed by law. Update: this method now requires the user to register to Bancnet and the list of supported banks has dropped to 17. Bank ATM Card Number: Member Number : Account Type For Landbank ATM cardholders, please make sure to enter your member number before you click Submit button. After you successfully logged-in, go to Account Information. These must remain confidential to you alone and you must take all reasonable steps to prevent disclosure. Call the Cash Availment Hotline (02) 8688 1212 9:00AM – 3:00PM Monday to Friday, except holidays: Email BDO-InstallmentCard@bdo.com.ph: Text “INST” to 225678 You hereby agree to receive messages/announcements from BDO regarding any of its products, services and promos via mail, telephone, e-mails or text. [CDATA[/* >

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