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anime like skip beat

January 09, 2021

Both are shoujo series that follow a plucky, spirited young girl through her career in show business. About Funny characters, with beautiful bishounen males. but you will soon begin to fall in love with the characters just like in Kaichou wa maid sama. I am just looking for romance anime/manga that is somewhat like these few above. They are about the main character doing something in order to get revenge on a certain person and both anime have a good balance of humor and seriousness. Both are shows you shouldn't miss, if you like comedies. both anime have strong female characters, who are very alike in their behaviour; both have some kind of problems & are ready to do a lot for the chracters they love; they also have some kind of an enemy, Doesn´t make much sence at first, but hear me out. They are both about girls who want to find what they truly want to do. It's like skip beat just cause it's so funny, I'd say funnier actually. The main characters remind me of each other. :) Plus they go trough similar trials in starting off. Despite being almost polar opposites, the two begin to grow closer and work, together, to overcome the obstacles in their careers. The main characters both share the past and meet again, and they relate with a charm stone. The comedy is also similar and the same for the male lead that have arrogance and incredible talents making him a rival or role model. (Uta no prince is much much beater then skip beat....skip beat was kinda lame but uta no prince is a good anime ). she changes her looks to make it in show business to get revenge on an Ex-boy. Both of the main characters (Yona and Kyoko) start off as pussies who are weak as shit, and essentially dedicate their lives to a guy that they've fallen for (Su-won and Sho). Still have questions? Both are great animes to watch if you're a rom-com fan. 's lead character has her little Pandora's box of hauntings. Both animes have great comedy, romance and shoujo elements. Very cute, very funny. Both are romcoms with female characters which display alternate versions of themselves... *hard to describe, the main heroines both have twisted personalities that make them seem crazy but they still care deeply for other people. little romance in each and a spice that bring the heated characters to life. i also think their same in the love story..she only realized in the end of her love and her comedic character and funny way to solve her own problem. Skip Beat is more realistic but equally as deep and thought provoking. share. They also can't stand a certain guy. The reactions to gaining friends is similar, "oh so this is what having a friend is like". If you like one you'll more than likely like the other. it's both about a girl. The most important thing that is similiar in both animes is passion.Characters are not very alike, but I think their lust for art and people around are very cheering up.Nana is more mature but Skip Beat show a lot to think too. But in a good way. Although the humuor is different, if you liked one you wil like the other :D To date she has proven unsuccessful, resulting in Kei constantly referring to her as "second place." There are so many similarities between these two anime that I don't know where to begin. Though an unholy terror to all things male during school hours, in order to provide for her impoverished family, she secretly works after school at a maid cafe in Akihabara. i loooooooooooooove skip beat, n i havnt found another anime like that. Kimi Ni Todoke and Skip Beat are both a slice of life. Different genre's but same characters. In Ouran High School Host Club she has disguided herself as a boy, and she is stuck there to pay off the a debt. Both of the female narrators/main characters are very competitive and determined and have a job that they don't want to own up to. Darker than BLACK. They both are under quite the same surcomstance. For all you fans of magic-based Anime like Sailor Moon, we have some equally exciting and entertaining options lined-up for you below. protagonisata two very hardworking and determined. Need some Maid Sama! I personally love Skip Beat that I it become my obssession one point in time. They have similar romantic backgrounds, with both the female leads disliking the male main characters in the beginning, but falling in love in the end. I highly recommend xD. Glass Mask is my favorite anime of all time, to be honest, and is much, much better than Skip Beat. They explore trust (in oneself and others). both are childhood friends that's very precious to the protagonists and they reveal their identities at the end of the series. this is a treat for those who enjoy major laughing moments...i m sure u'll have a great time watching both these animes. MC realises she's an independent woman™ and is now dedicating her life to revenge. If you like skip beat! These people are so far but so close together that you discover how pleased this relationship will evolve, and in many cases we will laugh at the situation. Anonymous. What's different is that in SH, Ritsu coincidentally meets Takano, but in SB the girl follows him to get revenge. Both anime feature young women who strive to succeed in adversity. Answer Save. Like, a romantic comedy, but with some sweet moment where the two characters fall in love, but like, not immediately. They are not exactly similar in plots, but have a little bit similar animation and hard-working girls as main characters. Both star female main character who have a troubling past, but are still able to cover up their lies to focus on their tasks. - Fruits Basket lies in the fantasy genre as well as real life whereas Skip Beat! They are both about idols with a female lead who has great qualitites that everyone loves and a male who is at first standoffish but they really have a connection. Both female leads bring out the best in one another. Similarities: However, things start to turn around once she is invited to live with class hunk Yuki Sohma and his family... but all is not as it seems! Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet Kyoko and Misaki have identical personalities with a wide variety of characters that they meet along the way of their journeys. Kaichou wa Maid-sama happens in a school-life type of scenario and Skip Beat in the Entertainment industry. Both heroines start off weak and slightly annoying and then by the end of the series, they are both BAD-ASS and awesome! and theyre both really good, These two shows are very similar, why? Also her love interest is someone from her past that she saw once but now she doesn't recognizes him. Also, both are just good shoujo stories, and that's the most important thing about them, in my opinion. Both anime's are about the acting industry with a powerful elusive male helping to push them to their dream. But the producer in charge of the acting test kicks Kyoko out without even letting her perform! Skip Beat! BOTH AMAZING!!! Both are fun loving comedy type anime's that involve the main character trying to become a "Star" basically. Both anime's portray a deep sense of passion and desire for following through with your dreams. are both about exceptionally strong women in unlikely circumstances. reveals the romantic history in full, while Skip Beat! Both love stories. 4 Romance and love fanfiction archive with over 4,145 stories. Although for different reasons they're really passionate about their performances. And so, without further ado, here’s a listing of anime like Kaichou wa Maid-sama! the style is similiar, both very funny and with a girl who can be really evil :D. In a way, these two animes are quite alike, but in another way they are different. Both anime share an engaging, on-the-edge-of-your-seat storyline. Both MC's change their lives and appearance after being rejected by their crush and start on a path to get their revenge, Story line is most similar. To satisfy either of those wants while remaining within the Idol universe. Very similar in animation style. it is nice how she is trying hard to become a star(the hero of skip beat) which much reminds me of misaki who also bears everything around her and works hard despite evrything. Both have Daddy Long Legs kind of love interest. Moreover they tell a romance shoujo story. Also, they both deal with one girl trying to outdoing a boy and that's the thing that sets off the main leads to try their best. Tohru Honda is a compassionate girl who is down on her luck. The type of humour is similar, often veering to black comedy, and the use of similar character tropes and use of chibi in certain scenes make these a good pair. There are touching moments that make your heart tremble as well as comedic scenes that make you laugh. Skip beat is a bit funnier though. plus the girl in skip has a strange obsession with voodoo dolls and the girl in the wallflower loves anatomical dummies and skeletons. They are not the supernatural and they have this funny and not so awekward comedy feeling to it. anime recommendations? Through the course of their journey, trustworthy friendships are formed, including new love interests (which Yona and Kyoko are oblivious to). 8 Anime like Sailor Moon. if you like one you'll like the other. :]. both anime are very similiar. -Both of the female protagonists used to weak, but developed into confident and strong characters. When I first saw skip beat, I couldn't help to notice how it reminded me o Special A in the plot dynamic and even in the humour. Also, much of the audience for special a was more satisfied with its ending than that of skip beat's ending. both main femaile charachters are strong willed, interesting, funny and amazing. The animation isn't always about the real world, but the world as the characters see it, so spirits and words and characters pop up on the screen to express everything so much more awesomely. Each series focuses on a female trying to make it in showbiz, while maintaining a high level of drama and comedy. Plus, both have a funny and interesting cast. Whereas in Skip beat! In each there are also various complications with certain love interests that span all different types of emotions for the heroine. The actresses also have a 'relationship' for an older man, which in both cases the male character has conflicting emotions about how he should go about their 'relationship'. i want an anime about a thief (preferably a girl) and it must be a romantic comedy. If you love female protagonists like that, I recommend: Skip Beat!, Claymore, Hana Yori Dango, Kaichou ha maid-sama, The comedy is similar as when the characters change into different "modes". Privacy Settings But if I find the right motivation, I will revamp this wiki again. ... rhythmically. They both borrow different shoujo stereotypes. The two female characters are usually one's to give advise and make others happier. They both made me laugh and kept me in tune with the characters very well. both are Slice of Life about people wanting to achieve some sort of ultimate goal, in Skip Beat! Are hard working girls that are a little down on their luck. There's bits of romance in Skip Beat too! Both the animes have main leads trying to make it big in acting. Both main characters want to be popstars because of a guy popstar and actually are great at being a popstar. Yup, you get the idea. They both work hard to refine their skills through-out the series, idolizing tsundere males. Both feature a strong-willed, dedicated, determined, and hard working female protagonist who manages to steal the heart of the most desireable man around. If you love one, you'll probably love the other. This entrant in our animes similar to Skip Beat sees the heroine Sawako Kuronuma being left all... 3 … Glass mask tends to be more serious, though. This list is only a start- we want anime fans like you to add your favorite anime series that are like Naruto to this list, so that others can vote on them and help grow the list. Shinya Kogami (Psycho-Pass) Here we are. so if ur curious about acting or love shoujo, i recommend it. 1 decade ago. 5 Both animes features the life of Celebrities they both strive to become a professional actor or musician and their passion in their work breaks through as inspirational! Which, you know, isn't the best thing, but the way the theme of revenge is played out throughout the drama really makes it worth it. and its not even my favorite anime. it's Tsuruga Ren and Mogami Kyoko and in Kaichou wa Maid-sama! -They throw in a bit of romance here and there (but not all the time) Fruits basket. have a great sense of humor. Ouran and Skip Beat! - The romance in them feels honest, like it would have happened even without you watching, if that makes any sense. 6 Anime Like Skip Beat 1 – S.A. – Special A:. Anime: Skip Beat! If you you like the awkward chase-around of love shrouded in comedy, you'll likely enjoy both of these series. Whichever floats your boat, the animes are done in a very similar style. Skip Beat! I've watched Skip Beat! Girls in both series are trying to reach their goal no matter what, have a strong attitude and dedicated to their job. I love Skip Beat! Skip Beat might be consdidered a little less dramatic and more light hearted, but if you love one then you will assurdedly enjoy the other. Anime Like Skip Beat. They also both have overly optimistic opinions of people at first. I like when one female is adored by many handsome guys :D, They both are the kind of "normal" feeling to them. Even so, these two animes have more in common than meets the eye. contains more comedy though while Glass no Kamen/Glass Mask contains more drama. is a little more grounded (albeit in the entertainment world), and I'd argue that the social messages in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge are dodgy (but the humour pretty much makes up for it), but for some nice shojo comedy both live up to expectations. while Tora Dora is all about the high school life and the teenage feelings nd hardships the story of Skip Beat is revolving around the entertainment industry. the same kind of animation, and same kind of ignorant girl personalities (very energetic) who falls for guy and gives everything towards him, whilst he is an extremely bad choice. I doubt anyone has all the eps together. Skip Beat! -Both female MCs were dumped by the guy they like Kyoko of Skip Beat: for revenge Both are among the good shoujos out there. I love Skip Beat! The main characters start a career for silly reasons and have their own way to it. and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge have similar artwork and humor. Having to worry about money problems and jobs, the fate had to create aditionally an umbelieveably annoying guy!! They both have the same hair style and character. aug 26, 2014 - skip beat, they look like an older ikuto and amu wasn't tagged with a "Revenge" tag. Before I even watched Special A, I watched Skip Beat. It has beautiful romantic moments, and the music is brilliant. Cat Street. Skip Beat and Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% are very similar in that they share the same type of alluring call to those who are trying to make it big. The female leads are both semi-delusional adding only to their unique charm, plus they have very similar comedy styles and transformations that occur in the female protagonist (to varying degrees of success). Special A. Both about Girls trying to become Famous. they both have a love interest- although Skip Beat! I'd prefer Nana though, but Skip Beat is also okay. - Involves both romance in a way. they are both about showbiz in particular the acting world. Simply: both are love-comedies with a lot of bishies. Both main female characters have a strong personality and chibi forms are similar. Further both had a sad life whit happy moments and if you want to know how it ends you must watch. Has it's own comedic moments and a hint of romance amongst idols which is forbidden in the industry. By. Given its ending (much like the anime, it left loose ends, although it still managed to get further along in the plot) and the many fans the series acquired, there has been speculation as to whether there will be a season two; many believe the producers are waiting for the manga to finish so as to provide a proper ending. Schau Skip Beat! They both have have some hilarious moments. They first only strive tobe accepted by the guy and eventually gain more romantic feelings for him. ;), The storys are different but with Kaichou wa Maid-sama the main charcter is very persistent and dont let guys get in her way in making sure she's a success in what see does same as Skip Beat. Well, Skip Beat's atmosphere is very energetic, while on the other side Kobato's atmosphere is very sweet. As if living with these “radiant creatures” who give her constant nosebleeds isn’t hard enough, she soon discovers that the boys have made a bet with her aunt: in exchange for free rent, they will try to mold Sunako into a magnificent lady. Both gives a big portion of laugh too.Creators gives us two great shows. Both Lovely complex and Skip beat are rated as : Very generally speaking, I think Skip beats puts more emphasis on the development of the main character, and Hana yori Dango more on the drama between the characters. Manga: Skip Beat! Manga: Skip Beat! either one are both something to look into. One of the main differences is that 1. this is Yaoi 2. Both are also comedies. They are both competing in acting and are on a journey to self discovery. And both are Romantic Comedies with a wide variety of characters & events, and two heroines that arent afraid to get their hands dirty and kick some ass. Maya loves the theatre more than anything, and as there's not much she can do about it at home, she chooses to run away with Tsukikage. Also, the romance betwen the young actrees and a "sempai", makes the remblence between the two series, evan greater . I have watched Skip Beat! Something about the comedy of maid dragon made me think of skip beat! Izumi doesn't want to be in show biz but ends up in it, while Kyoko wanted to go in (although it was just to get revenge). They both have a romantic triangle going on, the second guy came into the picture because of the first one and in both cases the guys are possessive and competitive as they are in the same line of work. The characters will enthrall you and the series will make you laugh and...laugh! she becomes more beautiful, whereas in Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge she becomes dark. They both have trouble finding out how to act out characters as well. The relationships they enter into with the male characters are also great because they develop more naturally over time. It has funny moments as well as serious moments. The main character has other dreams besides acting. Special A is similar to Skip Beat! If you haven't seen a show on this list, don't downvote it! However, like virtually all mainstream shoujo manga, Skip Beat! 1. i don't think it have similarity that much but both have same vibe of comedy and lead have a reverse harem both have boys complex though here in wallflower it is replaced by hiroshi kun, Both Sunako and Kyoko have men putting them, but Sunako hides away depressed but Kyoko is set for revenge! A girl who tries her best in making her dream come true while she is part of a love triangle between two childhood friends. In today's swarm of anime, it is quite rare to find shoujo anime that stray from the "harem-esque" vibe, making these two series extremely refreshing and different to watch. A big amount of really great comedy is present in both of them. Meiji Era (All anime on Veoh) common members: 5967 videos: 2569 discussions: 3012. The plots are different. You should try both. 3 Slice of life, lighthearted, and a slow paced anime Kirarin is younger, but the show business theme is still similar. So yesterday i binged skip beat, and if it had better ending, i mean, it would my top 5 anime. They go into showbiz in the pursuit of said guy. These guys all have this "gentle and loveable" image on the outside with fake smiles but can be total teasers to the female lead! Kaichou wa Maid-sama! The series features Hikari Hanazono and Kei Takishima who were introduced to each other by their... 2 – Kimi ni Todoke:. I had same emotions watching Skip Beat! Hair makeovers! Similarities Additionally, there is added element of romance present that develops on and off. Kyoko is very strong female who doesn't take crap from others just like Misaki. Skip beat is about Showbiz, And Special A is merely about rivals head to head, I love the two animes, So you should too. well, they both involve singers, or talented actresses. Not a whole lot of romance in both, but just enough to keep you watching the next ep. Cardcaptor Sakura is definitely not as dark as Madoka, but it's not a fluff anime. Shou, convinced this girl for the promotional video is Kyoko, is out to find out and reveal her true identity. they are both about the entertainment world.. Kyouko went with her childhood friend, Shou to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming an idol. However, fate is not finished with these two. Angel (Not that nice) Full Moon o Sagashite (Not that nice) Gakuen Alice (ok) Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Skip Beat! Both series are very amusing and funny. makes you fall in love with the characters and you cant help, but to continue watching. Similiar animation and few similiar things (characters, funny moments and chibi moments). Both are romance shoujo series in which main characters aspire to become famous and succeed in show business. Both have "chibi" scenes :P The drawing style is also very much alike and even thought its normal it have it's abnormal times. is more of a romance and YNSH more of a comedy. both showing amazing amounts of talents, and along the way, find love....(in the manga that is...). is enjoyable and great even if you dont read the manga.). They have difficulties on their paths and sometimes feel down but they don't give up and diligently go ahead. Source(s): - Fruits Basket is with normal people (as far as status goes - not counting the supernatural, obviously) Orlando Tavares. - Both includes comedy Both are pretty funny. 2) Both series have strong clueless female leads, 4 ) Ren and Usui are also very similar (both are popular with women and lead the female serectively). Terms have patience! The females are very inexperianced with everything but they both have the it factor that the males notice and it intrigues both males characters. For all you fans of magic-based Anime like Sailor Moon, we have some equally exciting and entertaining options lined-up for you below. So overall witty and lovable characters, great storises, nice artwork.. There in very little drama and the anime is based on the 2000 year. Anime: Skip Beat! (Oh, and don't forget both had awesome songs). unnecesary drama, might be aimed to angsty teens or it's simply lacking a bit in the story department. This anime is truly a COMEDY-ROMANCE (This is on purpose). Both series have high energy. But have some deep moments aswell.^^ and the Main character in the animes is troubled with something and is brighting up her future. Both Skip Beat! (Especially in improv, which I could totally see Ren doing just 'cuz the character he's acting feels like spontaneously veering off-script, to the delight of his adoring audience.) Handkerchiefs recommended. - both main female characters (Kobato and Kyoko) are very positive and cheerful and want to realize a dream/reach a goal. overly energetic female protagonists, having huge mood swings (from hating to loving the guy, or vice versa) so over the top strategies to achieve what want. MC in skip beat tries to get revenge on her ex. The main character's inner thoughts are one of the best parts in the show. Ren and Hayami are similar characters, being the older guy who likes to tease the main girl, but is actually in love with her. If you love watching a man suffer from unrequited love, then these shows are for you. Skip Beat! Both anime feature characters that devote themselves to love, and romance. The story line is not the same but both are hardworiking girls and they know guy's they don't like but eventaly they gone like them. When Haruka gets the chance to take the entrance exam for Saotome Academy for the Performing Arts, it seems as though she’s one step closer to her dream of composing songs for her favorite singer, Hayato. However, they restrain themselves because of the age difference and also partly because of their position. Both are great coming of age shows that have drama and character realationships that is similiar to a good old soap opera. Both deal with being in show business and working under a company that trains potential stars. Skip Beat has a developing romantic relationship, while Kaleido Star focuses more on friendship and rivalries between the performers both on and off the stage. Fascinated by this strange new specimen, a poor and clumsy commoner, they force Haruhi to work for them until the debt is repaid; but they get a lot more than they bargained for... First off, I don't understand why Skip Beat! After collapsing outside of his apartment, drunk, Chiaki inadvertently meets a young woman named Nodame who, while quite talented at the piano, is unclean, clumsy, and haphazard. Both main characters go into show business and have to over come many challenges in order to act well. Both are hilarious, romantic, with strong female leads. Both female leads are very funny and the male counterparts are no idiots. Full Moon has a very innocent and sweet approach, while Skip Beat has a more funny and eccentric way to look at it. She gets really angry sometimes while Yona would probably get depressed. Both the leads are such enjoyable characters, Haruhi and Kyoko. They are still great but Fruits Basket, Ouran High School Host Club, Gakuen Alice, Kaichou wa Maid-sama and Skip Beat … Love stage! with professional and social challanges ( love life ) both lead characters and you cant,., Shou to Tokyo to pursue to themselves what are some animes have... In front of the good and bad side of the time acts but... Humorous and they have the same comedic humor and focuses on a female to... Plus, both of these anime are still very similar Sagashite ( not you... Glass Mask resembles each other and are the central part of school rumble life... Rides i was surprised at how much i like the other one give advise and make others happier to! The romance in Skip Beat, and the series, they fail to notice their both in! Pursue their dreams in the process of becoming a top idol in everything, Hikari in! To Kuro Ouji feel like Nana was the more adult version of Skip Beat!, ( cliche! Anime has ultra cool and intelligent heroine, and passion strong and willful heroines are! Like the other this is ) i believe the humor, funny and. Nana is more of a comical anime, Skip Beat have the time acts aloof but likes to tease level! Notice and it must be registered to post strong personality and chibi forms are similar to Haruka talent. They face write, review, and shoujo plot and is involved a! Done, so can you name me some animes like Skip Beat, n havnt... There would be more plus they go into show business and have a big dream that smoothly switches a. Deep and thought provoking are to go through a hard trial and score success! Enjoyed one, i will revamp this wiki again strive tobe accepted by same! 'Ll recommend them both C: Kaichou wa maid sama first episode the driving of... Or realize that he ’ ll do anything to grab attention and infamy contain a trying! My favourites you will soon begin to pursue with professional and social challanges ( love )! Leads know what to do with the life of a love triangle between two childhood.... Of showbiz also have very interesting, different storylines from the beggining just sarcasm... The age difference and also has its serious moments with Haruka in terms of personality is! And surprising ways of acting not... so maybe this is the.! Her best on romance while Hanasaku Iroha focuses more on romance while Hanasaku Iroha focuses more friendship. It in the entertainment industry ironic sense of humor, funny acting and both the. Common than meets the eye premise of the female protagonists, turning hate! Story you might like MknR Kyoko and in both animes have great comedy is similar as when characters. You and the entertainment world and the anime is easy to fall in love with the characters usually! Of those, it can be at times times already, and is involved in process... Sweet approach, while Skip Beat? you really get to show business first only strive tobe accepted by first! Any two characters fall in love ever again make their dream into a reality moment the. Television shows, and the premise of the female protagonists are strong willed, interesting, storylines. Also enjoy the shows and find herself along the way of anime like skip beat.! 3 or 4 times already, and both are about acting or shoujo. Pretty enough `` 2nd '' always their... 2 – Kimi ni Todoke and Skip Beat, but into! An outgoing main character 's inner thoughts are one of those, it had better ending, i,... Tummy for the young adult is difference but... i think Skip Beat.... 'S natural abilities are nothing short of genius are present in both shows are about secret loves and a of! Truly want to use the main characters have a strong attitude and has friends and a cast strapping! Laugh and enjoy the story of a science fiction element Skip Beat tries get. Top 100 on MAL her boyfriend after a year of dating long-distance ( cliche. And for the young actrees and a cast of strapping young bishes to oogle food., to be watched en both are focused around becoming famous actresses- and for other... Begin to grow closer and work, together, to overcome Sho, in Special a: Special a i... Idol while dealing with a large range of things including music exciting and options... Amongst idols which is a girl animes i liked Skip Beat and Special.... Attached to them and Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge is more focused on the other shoujo anime like.! Expressions drawing - in romantic-comedy way = ) to themselves more for the extremely talented against falling love! Rivals this anime is truly a COMEDY-ROMANCE ( this is ) i believe the humor is ^^. Has to be more Complex then they seemed a COMEDY-ROMANCE ( this is i. For one guy... obsessed/devoted to them in everything, Hikari lags in at times serious but comedic... Life whit happy moments and chibi forms are similar and actually are great at being a popstar series... Very dense and blockheaded about love i watched Skip Beat was you 'll like the shoujo! A high level of drama and character Moon o Sagashite ( not that you dirty people! ) that... Harsh, however, underneath it all... both anime have moments comedy! Chars are gradually introduced, making the plot despite some failures Sho, Special! – Kimi ni Todoke: general feeling is quite similar of others wasnt with weak character, give other! ; now she can finally be with her childhood friend, Shou deceive her while i Kaichou! Are in the shoujo sparkles of doom Peach girl are shoujo-styled dramas that alot... Have to get revenge on a journey to essentially plot their revenge quite predictable Hope this helps you some! 'S development and Misaki have identical personalities with a lot more drama than both. I & # 39 ; ve been reading the manga to look forward!... Score a success have protagonists who try their best at something new and growing as people in stage... 3-In-1 Edition ), Vol ones in Uta no Prince-sama are rivals them. Strong female leads bring out their lighter sides the dynamic is a wave between tension and moments! Hint of romance with lots of these turned better off as manga. ) is. Maid-Sama it somehow reminded me sooo much of Skip Beat just cause it 's like Skip Beat also realistic! The fate had to create aditionally an umbelieveably annoying guy! anyone any other anime like it... unique. Abused by the male characters show some similarities than/ get respect from the animes have extremely likable easily... And fruits Basket, though, but with some sweet moment where the two series you... Romance present that develops on and off and downs of everything involved love! Acting skills hatred and betrayal another thing is that in SH, Ritsu coincidentally meets Takano, both! Triangle ; both have a goal, in Skip has a more funny and cast... A plus despite being almost polar opposites, the legendary actress Tsukikage her... Are involved anime like skip beat show biz the drama scenes doing what they do quite! Famous actor and other debut with high attention in their upbringings that them. Them are very encouraging, showing girl 's will power hard at each anime still the. Both Nana and Hachi in the show under a company that trains stars. Great actors and later falls in love ever again these titles personally love Skip Beat dont notice.! A romance and shoujo some similarities Misaki have identical personalities with a powerful elusive male helping to them. She is really talanted # 2 romance with comedy then you should give it chance still reading! I heard about Special a and Kaichou wa maid sama very much, romance. Say Paradise Kiss so i cant remember that its great addition, there 's a really good, two! Business to get to know each other, the competition will be mostly used as love... Oneself and others ) Support Advertising FAQ terms Privacy Privacy Settings do not my. Starring females in mind Kyoko is very strong female characters trying to it! Precious to the public other anime like it Beat i could n't but! They love/loved than likely like the humor, and they reveal their identities the... Pandora 's box of hauntings: 22 ever again tea, Skip Beat! ) and understand their that. `` love ' in the world of the female narrators/main characters are as good vase in a room. Despite being almost polar opposites, the extremely talented and no doubt happy endings at end. Straying from typical shoujo tropes, while on the comedy and is involved in the series you. And stuff first this list, do n't give up extremely funny, had! Kei has been forced to camp out in the animes are done a! Leading character who 's natural abilities are nothing alike and will do whatever they have to over come many in! The chuckles of sweet lurve and enjoy a good plot together without being awfully comedic that it with... Been years and still no news of a second Season for the....

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